When a homeowner is ready to start their Coatesville Short Sale it is often hard to know where to start. The short sale process is still a rather new concept to many homeowners and knowing what to do can often deter homeowners in general. The Matt Fetick Team has been helping homeowners complete their Coatesville Short Sale for several years and want to help.

The first step in every successful Coatesville Short Sale is reaching out to an experienced agent and sharing your unique situation. Once your real estate situation has been assessed your short sale specialist can get you started on selling your home. On average a Coatesville Short Sale will take between three and four months to complete so it is important to act fast if you are already behind on your payments. The more mortgage payments you miss the more damage can be done to your credit and this impact can last for years. Homeowners that have completed a Coatesville Short Sale will on average be able to buy their next home in two to three years. Homeowners who don’t get help and enter in to foreclosure will have to wait a minimum of seven years before they will be able to buy another home. If you are still current on your mortgage but default is imminent it may even be possible to complete a short sale. The Matt Fetick Team has helped hundreds of homeowners complete their Coatesville Short Sale and charge the homeowner no fees whatsoever. That’s right. Your Coatesville Short Sale will cost you nothing out of pocket when choosing the Matt Fetick Real Estate Team.

So don’t drain your savings account just to stay current on your underwater mortgage. Give The Matt Fetick Real Estate Team a call today and determine whether a Coatesville Short Sale is right for you. Matt and his team are commmited to helping homeowners get out from under their mortgage debt and move on with their life. This all starts by callng their office or filling out a contact form online in order to discuss all of your options.