Hello I am Matt Fetick with Sold By Short Sale, Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist. Thank you for checking out my blog today. This is a great way for me to pass along vital information to Philadelphia area homeowners who may find themselves in a tough situation. Today I wanted to talk about some different options in avoiding foreclosure. Unfortunately in our current economic situation many people are finding themselves behind on their mortgage due to job loss or being under employed. Many individuals also have adjustable rate mortgages and find themselves unable to make their payments every month after their interest rate has sky rocketed. Many good people, just like yourself, in this situation will find that a short sale will probably be in their best interest. In a short sale we sell your home at what the current market values it at. We do not look at how much you owe on your mortage at all but instead negotiate with your bank on finding a fair market value for your home. So if you are unemployed or underemployed and owe more on your home than what it is worth please contact me or visit my website today. On my website you will find videos and information on what documents you will need to get your short sale started today. There are a lot of people out there in your situation and I am here to help you. Thank you for tuning in to Philadelphia’s leading short sale specialist and have a wonderful day.