I had a homeowner call me the other day and they told me that they have spoken with several friends that work in the real estate industry. These homeowners were told that short sales aren’t being approved by banks. They went on to claim that they had never seen a short sale approved. This is just not true.

We know that every day lenders are approving Philadelphia short sales. I am living proof. We have seen several short sales approved in the last few days where the banks have agreed to take less than what is owed, allowing homeowners to move on with their lives.

We know real estate agents across the country that have closing short sales every day. The banks have a method and policy in place to deal with short sales.

Do banks want to do short sales? Of course not! They never want to take less than what is owed. However, it is better than the alternative, which is letting the home go to foreclosure. Banks are in the lending business, not the owning homes business. They prefer to not own your Philadelphia home. They would rather hold the mortgage on your Philadelphia home. Banks are approving short sales every day and we can help you through the short sale process.