The Short Sale Process


Homeowners who need to sell their home and owe more than what it’s worth meet with a Matt Fetick Realty Alliance member to determine their eligibility for a short sale. During the consultation, we answer your questions about the process and help you determine if a short sale is right for you. When additional questions arise, we refer you to local real estate attorneys and accountants.

Home Marketing

Once you decide to do a short sale, we list and market  your home just like a traditional sale. Our goal is to get the highest and best price available in today’s market.


Once we receive an offer that we believe has the best likelihood of being accepted by your lenders, you can accept the offer conditioned upon your lenders approval. We require all buyers to allow at least 90 days for lenders acceptance.

Short Sale Negotiation

We will submit the offer you have received along with your short sale documentation package to all mortgage lenders and lien holders on your property. We will negotiate with them to accept the short sale proceeds as payment in full. This process generally takes between 6-9 weeks. In addition to paying off the mortgages, we will pay off all liens on the property including back property taxes, HOA fees, and other property-related liens.

Informed Decision

Once we hear back from your lenders and lien holders, we will review their decision with you. Their decision can range from 100% acceptance and release of all liability, to a request for the homeowner to help offset some portion of the unpaid balance either at closing or in the future. In general, most short sales are completed with 100% debt forgiveness. However, you will be informed of the lenders decision and can choose whether or not to move forward with short sale terms as offered by your lender.


Closing will take place approximately 30 days after the short sale is approved. You will complete your move to your next home, which we can assist you in finding.

For more information, be sure to check out the Short Sale FAQs.

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Meet Our Team

Matt-HS-2Matt Fetick


Matt Fetick, Founder and CEO of the Matt Fetick Realty Alliance, is known for his wealth of knowledge in the real estate field, creative solutions, and relentless commitment to helping his clients achieve their goals. Clients have come to count on Matt and his Team to provide expert advice and quality service. Starting his real estate career in 2006, he quickly became one of the Region’s top producing agents. By 2012, Matt became the number 1 agent in both total number of homes sold and total sales volume for Chester and Delaware Counties. Expanding his expertise into Delaware and Montgomery Counties, Matt has built an incredible team of professional real estate agents. The team members share Matt’s work ethic and commitment to learning about real estate that our clients have come to expect and appreciate.

Deneen Heffernan

Listing Specialist

As a Listing Specialist, Deneen is responsible for providing clients with an exceptional client experience from start to finish during the listing process. Her main priority is getting their homes SOLD for the best price and in the least amount of time.

Victor Havens

Listing Specialist

Victor is a listing specialist on the team. He is dedicated to seeing his clients’ real estate needs met with excellence and with their complete satisfaction.

Jeremy Fonvielle

Listing Specialist

Jeremy is our Delaware-based Listing Specialist. Knowing the Delaware Real Estate market is Jeremy’s top priority. He provides exceptional customer service and guidance to our Delaware sellers.

Carolyn Rush

Listing and Buyer Specialist

Carolyn has been in the real estate business since 1996. She is a specialist in the Sussex County, Delaware area. Growing up in the area provides Carolyn with a life-long knowledge of the area. Carolyn has won many awards throughout her career, but nothing rewards her more as the joy of a satisfied client.

Karen Barnes

Listing and Buyer Specialist

Karen has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years. Her wealth of market knowledge and personal experience purchasing land for development puts Karen above the average agent. Karen knows buyers’ and sellers’ needs and enjoys working with them to reach their goals.

Melody Mackert

Listing and Buyer Specialist

Melody has been an agent since 2001. Her thorough real estate experience and knowledge of the Sussex County / Delaware Beach area is invaluable to her clients. The best part of Melody’s job is having the opportunity to assist her clients in finding their dream home.

Lindsay Schulze

Listing and Buyer Specialist

Lindsay comes to the team with energy and enthusiasm to help our clients succeed in finding their dream home or selling their home for the best price possible. Being a licensed agent in Delaware, with a focus on Sussex County, Lindsay works hard for our clients and strives to exceed their expectations.

Valerie Conicelli

Listing Coordinator

Valerie is the team’s Listing Coordinator. She specializes in handling all the listing details for getting our client’s home on the market. Valerie’s passion to provide our clients with excellent professional customer care and service.

Rachel Gosselin

Director of Administration and Transaction Coordinator

Rachel is the Director of Administration and Transaction Coordinator on our team with licenses in both PA and DE. Her brilliant expertise is in managing all the details from contract execution to closing. Once a contract is received, our clients can feel at ease that Rachel will successfully take them across the finish line!

Jill Schappel

Short Sale Coordinator

Jill is our rock star Short Sale Coordinator. She is responsible for working with lenders during the short sale negotiation process and making sure all necessary documentation is in order for short sale approval.

David Williams

Lead Buyer Specialist

David is the leader of the Buyer Team. He has been part of our team for 5 years. David works with buyers looking for a new home and utilizes his negotiation gifts and abilities to get the best deal possible.

Eric Ciesinski

Buyer Agent

Eric is the Delaware based Buyers Agent. His primary role is to find the home that best fits buyer’s needs and thoroughly consult them on the buying process.

Barb Vledder

Buyer Agent

Barb joins our team with years of experience working with buyers and is energized by helping clients find their dream home while providing excellent customer service.

Sean Hicks

Buyer Specialist

Sean comes to our team with a vigor to go above and beyond for our Buyers. His passion to finding the best home that our client’s desire has proven to be effective in providing excellent results. Clients appreciate his loyalty and tenacity on their behalf and trust his expertise to help them find their dream home.

Nicole Kruse

Showing Agent

Finding a home can be stressful; having Nicole assisting in you the process will take the worry and stress out of the equation. She has an innate ability to meet each client’s specific needs and strives to simplify the home buying process. Nicole mastery of finding that “perfect fit” for her clients makes her stand out above the rest.

Joan Louth

Showing Agent

Joan brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with her over 30 years of real estate experience. Her role is to assist buyers find the perfect home while providing excellent customer service.

Rian Cronauer

Real Estate Concierge

Rian joins the team with a strong customer service background. As our Concierge, his role is crucial to our team’s success. Rian passionately helps clients set up their online home search, matches potential clients to lenders as well as empowers them to reach their real estate goals.

Cody Marks

Real Estate Concierge

Cody joins us on the Concierge team. He is ready to get to work on helping buyers and sellers get matched with the best agent on our team. Cody’s primary goal is to provide outstanding concierge service to our clients as well as to find qualified buyers for our listings.

Deb Capik

Director of Field Operations

As the Director of Field Operations, Deb takes photos of our listings, delivers marketing materials, and packages to title companies. She handles all the mobile operations for the team. Deb’s fantastic creative customer service is an important factor in our team’s success!