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Will Banks Issue an Extension on a West Chester Short Sale?

When you work with a West Chester short sale, you are probably very aware that you are working against time. You never know how close the West […]

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Who Pay the West Chester Short Sale Closing Costs?

A West Chester short sale occurs when a seller cannot continue to afford mortgage payments and so the bank agrees to sell the house for less than […]

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What Is a West Chester Short Sale BPO?

As soon as you start researching a West Chester short sale the term BPO will inevitably come up, but many buyers don’t understand what a BPO is […]

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What Is a West Chester Short Sale Approval Letter?

Buyers and sellers definitely have different goals when it comes to a West Chester short sale. The seller wants to get the most amount of money possible […]

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How Does HAFA Apply to a West Chester Short Sale?

The Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) is a relatively new government program designed to streamline the short sale process in order prevent the increase of foreclosures. If […]

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Can You Short Sale Your Coatesville Short Sale Investment Property?

It is a common myth that to list your home as a Coatesville short sale it has to be your primary residence, but this isn’t always the […]

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Common Questions about a Coatesville Short Sale

There are many people that see the great price of a Coatesville short sale but are too nervous to pursue the home because they have too many […]

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How Value Is Established on a Coatesville Short Sale

When working with a Coatesville short sale it can be confusing to figure out how much you should actually offer on the home because there are so […]

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What Should You Offer in a Coatesville Short Sale?

For those buyers who are considering a Coatesville short sale the golden question is often how much should you offer? After all you want to pay the […]

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